Foster families’ support centers


Support groups in March (2018)

11. March, 2018

We would like to inform that the support groups on 01.03. and 29.03 the support worker will be  Dace Lonerte – montesori specialist and everyone is welcome  – adopters, guardians and fosterparents. On 05.04 and 26.04 at 10:00 there will be sessions of the seminar ‘’Lies’’ in 2 parts led by psychotherapist Ieva Lāss, both […]

Support groups in January and February

11. March, 2018

Support groups in January and February 2018. Location – Support center “Dūja”, Klostera Street 4. For fosterfamilies: 25.01. at 10:00 (in Russian), led by development tutor Inna Babre 01.02. at 10:00, led by social work specialist Gundega Filatova 15.02. at 17:30, led by development tutor Inna Babre 22.02. at 10:00 (in Russian) , led by […]

Foster families welcome Christmas festivity in the ‘‘ The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia’’

11. March, 2018

Fosterfamilies and fosterchildren will first meet by the ‘’Pine Inn’’ (‘’Priedes krogs’’) where various craftsmen will show how to make candles and masks, how to forge and other skills from Latvian traditions. Children and parents will also have to work together and to fulfill orienteering tasks across the the Museum’s territory. That will be one […]

Latvia’s regional support group meetings between fosterfamilies, adopters and guardians

12. November, 2017

’The State inspectorate for protection of childrens rights’’ in cooperation with the foundation ‘’Social Services Agency’’ invite foster families, adopters and guardians from Latvia to meet at the regional support groups this summer! What’s different from other years when foster families met up in one annual gathering is that this year there will be 4 […]

Support groups in March 2017

2. March, 2017

*For foster parents 2nd of March at 10:00 30th of March at 10.00 (in Russian) *For adopters 14th of March at 17:30′ *For guardians 28th of March at 10:00 Location of the groups: Riga, Klostera Street 5, 2nd floor hall —————————————————————————————————————— !!! About babysitting during the groups, please, get in touch with us via e-mail: […]