Masterclass for specialists CRISIS INTERVENTION

11. March, 2018
Posted by: Dace Blaževiča

Education center

We welcome specialists (psychologists, social workers, policemen, lawyers etc. ) to apply for the practical training about crisis intervention. The masterclass will focus on training parctical skills through role play and supervision. By the end of the training the participant will have comprehensive knowledge about theory as well as some practical experience of using what they have learned.The Masterclass will be led by MA.Psych. N.Morozova, a clinical psychologist and EMDR therapist. In her everyday practice she works with clients who have personality disorders, mental health ilnesses and neurological disorders and she also leads support groups for people with depression.
The training will take 6 days on weekly sessions. At the end of the training participants will recieve a certificate from the Education Centre about 42 academic hours.

First session will take place on: 6.04., Further training will take place on the following dates: 13.04.,20.04.,26.04.or 29.04, 3.05,11.05. from 10.00 to 16.00. The dates of the training can be arranged around the availability of the participants.
For more information or to apply,please, e-mail us in advance: