Pilot project for specialized foster families

13. March, 2018
Posted by: Dace Blaževiča

International projects and programs

In March 2018 the foundation ‘’Social Services Agency’’ is organizing a pilot project training for specialized foster families.  The training is fundedd via Oak project ‘’Safe family environment for children in Latvia!’’participating experienced foster families from all across Latvia.  5 different modules are being introduced: foster families for crisis situations, foster families for children with disabilities, foster families for infants aged 0-3 years, foster families for teenagers and fosterf amilies for children who have suffered from violence.Each module will be taught during 3 days, 24 academic hours in total.

On 2nd of March the training of foster families for crisis situations module begun.Participants shared their experience, ideas and questions related to topics which are relevant for foster families who will receive children  in crisis situations. In this module specialists like psychiatrist, therapy method specialist, family psychotherapist and psychotherapist specializing in addiction will take part. The training in other modules will take place on various dates across March 2018.