Project “Volunteering for young people from social risk groups”

13. March, 2018
Posted by: Dace Blaževiča


jauniesu brivpr darba


On March 2018 the foundation ‘’Social Services Agency’’ has started  a project ‘’Volunteering for young people from social risk groups’’. The aim of the project is to promote young people’s from social risk groups participation in various processes of society and volunteering as well as developing the capacity of Young People’s Community Center.

Activities of the project:

  1. Developing the capacity of the Young People’s Community Center Training: 1)Reseliece approach in discovering resources of young people; 2) Creating the common stratetgy of developing voluntary work amongst young people from social risk groups. 3) Mentoring –targets and challenges.
  2. Involving young people from social risk groups in voluntary work. Activities include weekly “Resilience groups”, project development groups and opportunities to
  3. Seminars in regions. The specifics of working together with young people from social risk groups, the benefits of it and advantages of using resilience approach. The participants of the seminar will learn methods of involving young people in voluntary work.
  4. Creating a handbook “Volunteering amongst young people of the social risk group. The resilience approach.”
  5. Filming a video material about how to promote participation of young people from a social risk group..
  6. Project administration.

The activities will take place between 1.03.2018. -31.10.2018. Locations of the project activities:  Rīga, Liepāja, Smiltene, Jelgava, Daugavpils.

Results of the project will strengthen human resources of the Young People’s Community Centre and it’s capacity, a common startegy will be developed for involving young people from social risk groups in volunteering and handbooks, video and seminar programs will be created to promote such activities in regions.

Project is funded by the Society Integration Foundation administrative program “NVO fonds” 2018, State budget program 2001-2017.