Support groups in March (2018)

11. March, 2018
Posted by: Dace Blaževiča


We would like to inform that the support groups on 01.03. and 29.03 the support worker will be  Dace Lonerte – montesori specialist and everyone is welcome  – adopters, guardians and fosterparents.

On 05.04 and 26.04 at 10:00 there will be sessions of the seminar ‘’Lies’’ in 2 parts led by psychotherapist Ieva Lāss, both lectures have to be attended.

After the seminar participants will recieve a certificate from the Education Center.

Booking in advance  highly recommend(

The seminar is designed for the whole program of Riga: adopters, guardians and fosterparents.

If you require looking after your children during the seminar, please, let us know in advance.

Location: Klostera iela 4, Rīga, support center „Dūja”

Foster families Dace Lonerte 1st of .March 10:00
Jurita Smiltiņa 13th of .March 18.00
Jurita Smiltiņa 2nd of.March 10.00
Dace Lonerte 29th of March 10:00
Kristīne Putniņa 6th of April 12.00
Kristīne Putniņa 27th of April 17.00
Adoptētāji Kristīne Putniņa 9th of .March 12.00
Kristīne Putniņa 30th of March 12.00
Kristīne Putniņa 17th of April 12.00
Aizbildņi Kristīne Putniņa 16th of March 12.00
Kristīne Putniņa 20th of March 12.00
Kristīne Putniņa 13th of April 12.00
Gundega Filatova 24th of April 10.00