Training course “Child’s emotional upbringing”

13. March, 2018
Posted by: Dace Blaževiča


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The training course CEU (Child’s emotional upbringing) will help parents to understand their children from time of their birth until the age of 7 which will aid in improving child’s behavior if they are aggressive and find it difficult listening to parents.  This is a unique opportunity for parents to receive free advice from the University of Latvia MA in professional psychology student group CEU (‘’BEA’’) as part of their training.

The aims of the ‘’CEU’’ (‘’BEA’’) are:

  • to gain the trust of the child,
    · to lessen stress,
    · to strenghten confidence,
    · to develop communication skills,
    · to promote child’s involvement in various activities,
  • to improve child’s relationship with their peers,
    · to promote self-regulation of emotions.

During 10 sessions of the course we will look at topics:

  1. Understanding of child’s development and temper.
  2. How to improve body control and self-esteem.
  3. How to create a safe attachment.
  4. How to develop playfulness and fantasy in children.
  5. How to train language and communication.
  6. How to build basis of positive self-esteem.
  7. Ways of discipline that promotes self-regulation, develop conscience and moral behaviour.
  8. How to develop regulation of emotions.
  9. How to develop concentration skills, planing and problem solving.
  10. How to grow social competence, empathy and mental capabilities.

Target audience: parents with children in primaryschool
Location: Family Crisis Center “Mīlgrāvis”, Ezera iela 21 (entrance from the back yard), Riga.
Directions: bus – 2., 24., 11., 58., station – Ostas ielā.
Lessons will take place from  8th of March between 19:00 -21:00, every Thursday (10 times).

Contact information: 28888479,

Apply via e-mail or by calling the number above.Please, state your name, surname, phone number (via e-mail), the number of children and their age. If you require any additional information,please, do not hesitate to get in touch.

* Unfortunately the Family Crisis Center “Mīlgrāvis” is unable to look after children during the course.